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Client Financing

You’ve done your homework.

You’ve found a good lawyer.

But how will you pay for these legal fees?

Having a good attorney is crucial to your case.

But legal fees can be expensive.

At Sable-Law we have the solution.

Sable-Law offers an exclusive consumer-financing program with a variety of loan options to choose from and easy payment plans tailored to meet your needs and your financial circumstances.

It’s a win-win situation. It’s quick and easy to apply. Just click on our application, complete it and return it to us via fax or US mail. Or, ask your attorney to offer this program to you.

Here are the most frequently asked questions about client financing:

1. What is the difference between obtaining my own loan and working through Sable-Law?
Securing a loan takes time and energy – you save both when using our financing program. Additionally, because Sable-Law has connections with literally thousands of banks and lending institutions, we have the means to secure a fair and at times better rate. You also have the added benefit of confidentiality when working with Sable-Law.

2. What type of a personal credit rating must I have?
Sable-Law will assist you whether you have a prime or sub-prime credit rating.

3. Will Sable-Law charge me any additional fees after I sign up?
Sable-Law is not permitted to charge additional fees and is in compliance with the Advisory Opinion issued by the subcommittee of the Board of Commissioners on Grievances and Discipline of the Supreme Court of Ohio.

4. How long is the approval process?
The process is generally between 48 to 36 business hours for a preliminary loan approval. The type of loan designates the time period for approval.

5. What are the terms? Would it be an affordable monthly payment?
You will have full disclosure of all loan details before any agreement is made. Sable-Law is not the direct lender. All loan agreements are made directly with the lending institution. You may also have a co-signer.

6. What would be the interest rate for my loan?
The interest rate depends upon your own credit rating and the rate offered by the lender.

7. How are the monies paid out?
Depending upon the type of loan you receive, the lender will either provide you a Sable-Law credit card that will be used by your attorney or there will be a direct deposit made into your attorney’s IOLTA/Trust Account. Your attorney will draw from this account as services are rendered.

8. If I have a poor credit record, can I ask someone else to apply?
Yes, but please keep in mind that if the individual who applies for you does so in his or her own name, and/or as a co-signer they are legally responsible for this loan.

9. What types of loans do you offer?
Sable-Law carries the same types of loans as a bank.

10. Sable-Law was able to negotiate a better loan from my bank than I could. Why?
The high volume of business that we conduct with banks and lending institutions gives us an edge when obtaining loans. Banks know who we are and understand the purpose of the loan, which allows for quicker acceptance and, many times, a better rate.
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